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Industrial transfer Lithium battery

Project Description

Industrial transfer platform vehicle Lithium battery

1. Overview

This product is a lithium-ion battery pack designed and manufactured by GeePower, consequently is designed to power industrial transport platform vehicles(can be customized).

In addition the battery pack uses intelligent BMS for electrical protection, built-in temperature control, fuse, relay and other aspects for protection. Further built-in remote control receiver, the operator can use an external remote control to control the power supply equipment; also built-in buzzer alarm, when When the battery power is low, it can automatically alarm to remind the operator to charge the battery. Likewise LCD display is embedded in the battery box, which can read the relevant parameters of the battery in real time, and help the maintenance personnel to obtain the battery power and the voltage of each battery inside, temperature, working current, etc.

Subsequently the battery pack is packaged and protected by optimizing the strength design of the chassis through simulation. Moreover the exterior of the chassis adopts the process of spraying after electrophoresis, and is equipped with special plug-ins for comprehensive protection;

platform vehicle Lithium battery

2. Industrial transfer platform vehicle Lithium battery Main Specification

This battery pack is made of lithium iron phosphate batteries with high safety performance and more than 2000times cycle life. That is to say our battery has passed the relevant national inspection certification and the European Union’s CE certification. The main data as below:

1Nominal voltage300V
2Rated capacity20Ah, 30Ah, 40AH
3Rated energy6kWh, 9kWh, 12kWh
4Voltage Range240~328V
5Rated charge current10A
6Max charge current10A, 15A, 20A
7Rated discharge current6A, 10A, 15A
8Max discharge current20A, 60A, 80A
9Operating TemperatureDischarge: -20~55℃        Charge: 0~50℃
10Weight45kg, 55kg, 65kg
11DimensionsCan be customized

**These data is only used for reference, the full power system must be customized according to the requirements.

3. GeePower 300V Industrial transfer platform vehicle Lithium battery

platform vehicle Lithium battery

4. This is one of our project Circuit diagram.

5. Charger for GeePower platform vehicle Lithium battery

For instance, we chose a 8kw AC-DC charger with Max 20Amps output current for this system, detailed parameters as below:

Voltage range220~240Vac
Max output voltage328Vdc
Output current20Amps
Output power8kw
Voltage regulation accuracy≤±0.5%
Maximum Efficiency≥94%
Power factor≥0.99
platform vehicle Lithium battery
platform vehicle Lithium battery

In conclusion other functions are available to be customized, OEM or ODM are available too. Contact with us to get your private solutions.

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